Fireworks Equipment

BoomBoom Fireworks can supply all your fireworks equipment. You do not need to be an Approved Handler to purchase and use this equipment, however you do need to be qualified to buy any pyrotechnic products (including igniters).

   Firing Systems

All larger fireworks shows should be fired with an electrical ignition, for obvious safety reasons and precise timing.

Our firing systems are reliable and are simple and easy to use. They come with:
   - security coded transmitter

   - continuity test button
   - 2 x safety key lockout system
   - separate remote included for each receiver box
   - 250m range from either remote or transmitter box to receiver box
   - wall socket charger
   - controllable delay sequence
   - shock proof


Choose from two options below.   Click on each name to view a larger photograph

12 cue remote firing system with programmable receiver box



 72 cue remote firing system with programmable receiver boxes and transmitter box


   Fiberglass Mortars

Mortars are required to fire Star Shells. Fiberglass is the optimum material for mortars as it can be used infinitely. All mortars come with specially fitted, quality wooden racks.
Click on each name to view a photograph

3 inch mortars, 10 shot wooden rack
4 inch mortars, 6 shot wooden rack
5 inch mortars, 5 shot wooden rack $
6 inch mortars, 4 shot wooden rack
We also have empty wooden racks in sizes 3,4,5 & 6 inch as above for sale for $50 each



500 meter roll fireworks twin flex connecting wire $250


All prices are exclusive of GST

Looking to buy or require anything that is not listed here? email us


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